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Multimedia Builder v4.6

What’s new?

- OBJECTX( Object label) and OBJECTY( Object label) functions added in the script.
These functions return the current position (left, top corner) of the object specified by the label.
Example x= OBJECTX(Text1)
- ISVISIBLE( Object label) function was added
This returns
-1 if object doesn't exist on the page,
0 if object is hiden
1 if object is visible
- OpenFile$ variable was added. This variable will have the path after using OpenFile script command.
- VolumeUp can now take a parameter - the volume from 0-100
Example: VolumeUp("50") will set volume to half
- ReplaceImage can load BMP beside the JPG
- MOUSEX() and MOUSEY() functions added in the script.These functions return the current position of mouse cursor.
- Added Default cursor listbox into the Page Properties.
The last item there is a dot cursor - great for touch screens.
- Plug-In's loading code
Plugin's are now loaded before the window and they don't require to be visible.
- MoveObject("Object","x,y,w,h")
Move (and/or resize) the object (or group) to the x,y position. The w and h parameters are not required and if they are defined the object is resized - However it wont resize any bitmap object or text - it resize only its active boundaries. But it works fine for rectangle, buttons, hotspots...etc..
Yu can make a code:
for i=0 to 100
next i
and it will move the object form left to right!
- MoveTo("Object","x,y,steps,type")
This simple command moves object (or group) from current position to the x,y using # of steps. The type can be EASYTO, EASYFROM or none to define the linearity in time. It basically does the same as code above, however you can specify slowing or accelerating with the TYPE.
- Refresh() command
This command will force to redraw the changes. It also works like a pump, if you use Refresh() in a loop the program reminds active and in fact you can still interact with the active objects (while the loop is continuing).
- Pause("ms") command
Pause command in the script, takes a number of ms to pause before continuing the script
- CBK_Time and CBK_Total can be addressed as an integer variables
Example: a=CBK_Total
This always returns the number of seconds (equivalent to what would be displayed in these objects.
- Ability to insert Contents Copyright into the project executable
This allows you to insert your text in the Comments field of executable properties. For example you can put your copyright for the contents you created or comments about used materials. You can put up to 60 characters. That doesn't replace the other MMB player properties, but it resolves some legal issues if your custommer doesn't want to put your copyright on the project pages but you still want to have your copyright or name there. Many other authoring tools didn't allow you to do this. You can access this option in the Check & Distribute dialog box.
- Dynamic Changes of Display Resolution
You can tell the project before the start to change (or at least to try) the Display Resolution to one of few typical resolutions. You can set this option in the Project-General Settings. You can make a project which will play always on a full screen. Note: Some video cards (very old ones) don't allow to dynamically change the resolution so the project will continue in its standard size. The most common sizes are 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 and should work on most of the cards. The resolution will be returned to the original settings after you exit the project. Checking this option will uncheck "Standard Window" and "Movable" from the default values - because it makes little or no sense, however you can turn them back on if you making a "special" project.
- Control over Process Priority
This new version allows you to control the priority of the process. You can change the priority in the Project-General Settings. If you select High, the application you create will steal more CPU for itself from other windows application, making the transitions and FX running smoother. This is great for presentation type of applications where you don't expect user to be often switching between applications. The Normal settings is good for most of the application (it is the default setting) and the Low priority setting can be used for special (background) application which shouldn't use much CPU (launch bars etc..)
- Masking Video
In 4.6 you can use B/W mask for Video Masking. With the Mask, video doesn't have to play in rectangular square anymore and it can have any shape you want.
You need to prepare an image mask with size of the video. The video will be played through this mask where the black pixels will be video and white transparent. The mask could have any shape or image (for example black text on white background). You can load the mask in the Video Properties. (Two buttons were added - Load and Clear Mask) You can create a very interesting effects because finally you don't have to be stuck with the boring rectangular video found in many authoring tools...
- MCI object was added
This makes easier to play video or audio using MCI without doing much scripting. Let's say you want to play ASF so instead of bunch of messy MCICommand script lines you simply draw a MCI object which could play your asf automatically on page start or you can control basic functions (play, stop, close) with new script command MCIObject.
- 3 additional script timers were added
TimerA, TimerB and TimerC were added to the ScriptTimer command, making that four timers for script. You can use ScriptTimer command as before - then it uses the standard timer or you can use syntax:
(You can use TimerB and TimerC the same way) These are independent timers. The same rules apply for them like for the standard timer: After the script is executed the attached timer is killed as well as if you go to another page.
- The Secure Layer
In the Check and Distribute a Secure layer option was added. This will process the mbd data in such way that no Text or Script would be visible if you look at it in the Hex editor. Also the file can't be loaded back to the designer (no password will help!) so it can only be played. However, note that the loading of file with Secure layer would need more time and memory that without this layer so you should use it only on necessary files. The same option was added to Compress and Export to easy create mbd files which can't be viewed in Hex editors and loaded in designer.

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