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Multimedia Builder v4.9.7

What’s new?


- Added fully featured and configurable Message box! The function is called MessageEx.
- Message and MessageEx now uses WinXP visual styles. Sorry, no support for the rest MMB objects yet ;)
- Added SetObjectParam("object","parameters") for setting common aspects of some basic MMB objects.
- Added FontPicker() function, which will open the standard Font dialog (similar to ColorPicker). - In this dialog you can set the various font parameters and the result is a CBK_FONT containing all font parameters in a string array.
- Added SetProjectParam("","") for changing the project parameters in a runtime. For now, it will allow you to set/change the page/master page/project background image/color.
- The workspace area is now scrollable with size 3072x2304. We think it should be enough..at least for few next versions ;)
- Added StrToLine function: StrToLine(filename$,string$,toline,overwrite) Simply, it's a function to add/replace a line in a text file.
fileaname$ = path to text file (not binary files!)
string$ = string to add to line
toline = number of line to add
overwrite = TRUE/FALSE - if true, 'toline' line is replaced otherwise moved down
- Added new CurrentObject() which returns the name (label) of the current object in which was this function called.
- Added new ImageOpacity("ImageObject","opacity") which allows you to set the image (Bitmap object) opacity.
opacity = 0 object is fully transparent, opacity = 100 object is fully opaque
- Added GetImageOpacity(Bitmap) function. With this function you can get the current opacity of the given Bitmap object.
- Added function for object reordering in a runtime ReorderObject("Object$","FRONT/BACK/FORWARD/BACKWARD")
FRONT - move object to Front
BACK - move object to Back
FORWARD - move object one step up
BACKWARD - move object one step back
- Added Cut/Copy/Paste to right click menu to EditBox (in a runtime).
- Added "Enable scrolling" option in EditBox. This option allows scrolling text when typing inside the Editbox, in case the text is longer than a defined width of EditBox. The "Fixed Width" must be enabled.
- Added text selection inside EditBox via Shift + Left/Right arrow key.
- Added Password mode to EditBox object! EditBox in password mode displays * characters instead of typed characters. This mode can be set both via EditBox properties or by SetObjectParam("object","PASSWORD=TRUE/FALSE") function.
- Added "Enable menu" option to EditBox properties, which enable/disable rclick menu (and shortcuts) in EditBox.
- Added comment block to Script window. With this sequence of characters /* */ you can comment multiple lines of code at once..
/* code
code */
- PluginSet/Get/Run can now use variables both in first and second parameter.


- Fixed rounding when incrementing small numbers (like 0.01).
- Fixed the missing application button in task bar.
- Fixed the problem with fullscreen background and Minimize/Restore the application window to tray bar(via plugins).
- Fixed IsMinimized() problem (incorrect return value) in case of enabled full screen background.
- Fixed GetArrayItem and hexa params data$=GetArrayItem(string$,'0x2C',1)
- Fixed bug in GetArrayNum if used string array - n1=GetArrayNum(list$[1],)
- StrToFile now accept append a linefeed as a variable.
- Fixed refresh of CBK_VTotal and CBK_VTime text
- Fixed custom appearance of custom cursor if custom cursor is moved above the object with no custom cursor defined.
- Fixed bug in SearchForFiles, which returned also the files with incomplete file extension
- Fixed an inability to start anything after RunMBD in CBK_EXIT
- Fixed a designer freeze when Copy&Paste and the label of the copied object is just a number.
- Fixed - NumPad keys return numbers and not characters as previously.
- The size of script accepted per single Script window is now about 120kb.
- Fixed some cursor hot-spots.
- A lot of other internal fixes and tweaks ;)

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14 Февраля 2006

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